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How to Enroll in Medicare When you are turning 65

Congratulations! You now qualify for Medicare benefits! However, the piles of mail and endless phone calls with companies trying to get you to enroll in their plan can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you cut through the noise? Let’s take it piece by piece to help you decide the best path for you.

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How do I cancel my life insurance policy

So you’ve done the “right thing” your whole life. You bought life insurance for yourself when you got married to protect your spouse, and then increased it again with each kid to ensure everyone is taken care of. You might have purchased another policy to cover estate taxes or one to buy out a partnership agreement. You are now in your later years and you are looking around at all of these life insurance policies that you might not need anymore. Or you might have a premium that keeps climbing and you just don’t want to pay it anymore.

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Health Insurance 101: How To Make Sense of Health Insurance Jargon

The time is upon us! Time to make decisions about your health insurance options for next year. For many people, that means combing through pages and pages of jargon and confusing terminology regarding their health policy.

Never fear! Here are some easy definitions to help you make sense of it all.

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