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Dental Insurance

Dental insurance provides coverage for cleanings, yearly exams, and x-rays. Depending on your plan, some coverage can also be provided for fillings, crowns, and even dentures.

We offer affordable dental insurance from top insurance companies for all ages.

We even have special dental insurance plans for seniors.

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FAQs about Dental Insurance

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Depending on the plan and carrier, dental insurance will cover different things. Lower cost plans will usually cover cleanings and x-rays with some coverage for basic services such as fillings and extractions. Higher cost plans can cover everything from cleanings to major services such as implants and dentures.

Is There A Maximum Amount That Dental Insurance will Pay Each Year?

Most dental insurance plans will have a maximum they will pay each year. This usually ranges from $500-$5000 each year. Often, the maximum benefit will grow each year during the first 2-4 years of the plan.  The maximum benefit does not carry over from year to year if it is unused.

Do Dental Plans Have Deductibles?

Yes, most dental plans will have a deductible. A deductible must be paid before coverage will begin on covered services. The deductible will most often only apply to basic and major services, not preventative care. Deductibles usually range from $50 to $100 per person on dental plans.

Do All Dental Plans Have Waiting Periods?

No, we offer several plans that do not require waiting periods. However, coverage is usually lower the first 1-2 years on these types of plans. 

What is Considered Preventative Care on a Dental Plan?

Preventative care on a dental plan usually refers to services such as preventative exams, cleanings, fluoride, space maintainers, x-rays, and periodontal maintenance. Look at your plan’s summary of benefits to determine what your plan specifically covers.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Fillings?

Almost all dental insurance plans cover fillings. Depending on the plan, your dental insurance carrier may pay up to 80% of the cost. 

Can I Go to Whatever Dentist I Want with Dental Insurance?

Almost all dental plans use a network of dentists that will offer cost savings by staying “in-network”. You can potentially save up to 50% by using an in-network dentist. Some plans will offer out-of-network coverage at a higher cost.

Is it Worth it to Pay for Dental Insurance?

If you are just getting your teeth cleaned each year, you will most likely lose money by paying for dental insurance. Although, if you are having fillings or major services done on a regular basis, you can potentially save hundreds or thousands each year.

Do Dental Plans Cover Orthodontics?

Most dental plans do not. However, a few higher-level plans will offer some orthodontic coverage with a lifetime maximum per person.

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