How Do I Get Health Insurance if I Am Self Employed?

by | Mar 6, 2024

Securing comprehensive health insurance coverage is a paramount concern for individuals venturing into the realm of self-employment. In this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of obtaining health coverage when you’re self-employed, ensuring you can focus on growing your business without compromising on your well-being.

Assess Your Needs

Take stock of your medical history, current health status, and any specific healthcare needs you may have. This will help you determine what type of coverage is most suitable for you. If you are healthy, you may be able to go with a higher deductible plan to lower your monthly costs. Remember that while you want to shop for your health today, your health status can change at any moment. Always run scenarios to ensure you are financially prepared in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Understand Your Health Plan Options

As a self-employed professional, it’s crucial to be well-versed in the array of health insurance options available. From individual plans to group coverage, understanding the nuances of each can empower you to make an informed decision. At Acuity Health Advisors, we specialize in demystifying these options, guiding you toward the plan that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and budget.

Explore the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act has been a game-changer for many self-employed individuals, offering accessible and comprehensive coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Depending on your income, you may qualify for tax credits to lower your out-of-pocket costs every month. Discover the various ACA plans, subsidies, and enrollment periods to maximize the benefits available to you. Want to look at your options on the marketplace? We offer a health insurance quote tool to help you shop the available plans in your area.

Consider Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Health Savings Accounts are an excellent tool for self-employed individuals seeking to combine a high-deductible health plan with tax-advantaged savings. Learn how to leverage HSAs to cover medical expenses while enjoying potential tax benefits, ensuring a proactive approach to your health and financial well-being.

Network with Professional Associations

Joining professional associations relevant to your industry can open doors to group health insurance plans. These plans often provide competitive rates and comprehensive coverage, as the strength lies in the collective bargaining power of the group.

Customize Your Coverage

One size does not fit all when it comes to health insurance. Tailoring your coverage to match your specific needs is key. Acuity Health Advisors excels in crafting personalized solutions, ensuring you’re covered for the services that matter most to you and your family. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to consider supplemental coverage options such as dental insurance, vision insurance, or other supplemental health insurance to enhance your overall coverage.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated on changes in healthcare laws, open enrollment periods, and any updates from your insurance provider. Being informed ensures that you’re making up-to-date decisions about your health coverage.


Navigating the landscape of health insurance as a self-employed entrepreneur may seem daunting, but with the right guidance, you can make informed choices that prioritize both your health and your business. At Acuity Health Advisors, we’re committed to simplifying this process, offering a helping hand as you embark on this crucial journey. Remember, investing in your health is an investment in your business success.

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